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Here at The Running Works we have a spacious treatment suite and offer an expanding range of services.
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We work with three of the most accomplished and respected physiotherapists in London, Scott Newton, Noel Thatcher MBE and Michael Crebbin.

Their approach is to not only alleviate immediate pain or discomfort but to recognise where an injury has stemmed from and how to strengthen the body to prevent a recurrence of the problem. You can expect a thorough assessment of your running and injury history, a clear explanation of the diagnosis and personalised rehabilitation programme.

Scott and Noel, who are both runners, have worked with runners of all levels and abilities, from beginner to elite. Michael has provided physiotherapy to some of the world's leading cyclists, including those who competed in the London 2012 Olympic Games. Being active sports-people themselves they understand the frustration of injury and will help you to not only recover but also to have you in a confident mindset when the time is right for you to resume training.

Noel Thatcher - MBE. MCSP. HCPC.

Noel Thatcher

Noel is a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who graduated with distinction from the North London School of Physiotherapy in 1990. He has worked extensively in the NHS and private sector in a variety of specialisms and has completed the year-long Clinical Concepts Manual Therapy course. Noel’s area of clinical interest is the prevention and management of sports injuries.

Noel has worked for a number of years as a Senior Physiotherapist at Holly House Hospital, where he leads the Physiotherapy input for the Run3D gait analysis. He has extensive post-graduate qualifications in the fields of manual therapy and rehabilitation of sports, and specifically, running injuries.

In addition to being an accomplished physiotherapist, Noel has competed in six Paralympic Games, winning five Gold Medals in a career spanning 20 years. In 1997, he was awarded an MBE for Services to Disabled Sport and in 2009 was inducted into the England Athletics Hall of Fame.


Scott Newton

Scott is a highly experienced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, with over a decade of experience in the field. He graduated with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy and also holds a BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science degree.

As well as specialising in sports injury prevention and management (with a keen interest in biomechanics), Scott has worked as part of a multi-disciplinary Sports & Exercise Medicine Clinic at a large London teaching hospital, where he was responsible for establishing a Physiotherapy Running Gait Clinic. The clinic delivered running specific rehabilitation programmes, and involved working closely with a team of sports & exercise medicine doctors, orthopaedic & podiatric surgeons to achieve optimal patient outcomes. The experience spurred him to complete an MSc module at London Southbank University in Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Management of the Foot and Ankle.

In 2016 Scott broke his marathon personal best by three minutes, achieving a 2.37 finish at the Amsterdam Marathon.

Michael Crebbin

Michael qualified from King’s College London in 2005 and has worked in private healthcare, professional and amateur sport and NHS settings.

Michael has undertaken a wealth of post-graduate training in areas such as acupuncture, Osteopathic soft-tissue techniques, joint manipulation and taping in order to optimise patient care and has contributed to numerous magazine articles, training guides and online resources.

Although Michael specialises in the management of cycling related conditions, he has a wealth of experience in understanding and treating running injuries. 

Sports Massage

Sports Massage


Ken is a sports scientist with 16 years experience exclusively in the running industry. He works closely with podiatrists and physiotherapists and has a specialist interest in biomechanics and strength and conditioning. 

He qualified as a sports and remedial massage therapist from the London School of Sports Massage in 2008. Ken has worked with runners from beginners to international athletes but also treats and a variety of other sporting and non-sporting issues.

A running club member for over 25 years, Ken regularly competes in road, track and cross country races. 

Cycle Clinic

Cycle Clinic

The Running Works are now offering Physiotherapist-led Bike-Fitting services to assess and optimise your position on the bike to make cycling more comfortable, efficient and faster. Fittings are undertaken by Michael Crebbin, an experienced Physiotherapist and trained bike-fitter who has worked with riders from Olympic levels to leisurely commuters. 


Many cycling-related complaints are linked to biomechanics when cycling and often this is not assessed or corrected when treating patients, resulting in ineffective treatment outcomes. Things like saddle height, cleat positioning and pedalling technique can all be easily addressed alongside rehabilitation and conventional treatments. People are adaptable whilst bikes are adjustable and often there needs to be a little of both for the best outcome making a Physiotherapist-run service the best solution. 


Assessments last 90 minutes and involve a history taking and physical assessment followed by a review and correction of your riding position. This is undertaken on a turbo trainer with video analysis and feedback and a rehabilitation plan, if required, can be discussed and follow-up sessions arranged.  


Visit Michael's website for more information or contact The Running Works on 020 7036 2326 to arrange an appointment.  

Michael Crebbin

Michael CrebbinMichael is an experienced physiotherapist and bike-fitter with a clinical interest in cycling related conditions offering a one-stop clinic for assessing and treating cyclists.


Bike fitting is undertaken on your own bike using our turbo trainer with a comprehensive physical assessment, video analysis and bike position correction alongside routine physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation .Bike fitting is suitable for every cyclist and offers an easy way to make you faster, more comfortable and efficient at riding, whatever your goals may be.



Scott Newton helped me get to the start line of the 2017 MDS after injury. Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, keen to assist in any way and looks into the root of the problem.

As a keen runner I unfortunately stress fractured my tibias towards the end of 2016, but with a Marathon des Sables place for the start of 2017 I needed expert help with a tight time frame. Scott was able to fit me in with appointments that fitted with my schedule and really took the time to look into my injury, referring me to other specialists when appropriate and creating a detailed rehabilitation plan with clear instructions and direction. Overall I was able to run the race because of Scott and his help. I cannot recommend him and his running specialist knowledge more.


I saw Noel for recurring shin pain. He gave me a very thorough examination, showed me exactly which muscles were causing the problem, named them (no I can't remember what they are called) and then gave me some simple to follow and quite importantly 'at my desk' exercises to complete.

Noel filled me with confidence; I've seen a number of physios over the years and Noel is right up there with the best of them. My injury healed in record time with barely any time away from training thanks to the detailed structure he gave me.

Noel understands runners as he is a runner.

Jon M

Being a frequent visitor to the shop where I always receive excellent service, advice and products; I was very pleased when the physio was introduced. I have had a long term injury problem which no one has successfully treated; until now. I can't recommend them enough.

Tony W

I've used the physio services that The Running Works team offer and have been seriously impressed. It is easy to book, the facilities are clean and the specialists they hire are used to working with runners at a much higher level than myself, so I know I'm getting great advice as well as first class attention.

Matthew A

As a fairly serious athlete I put my body under a great deal of stress. The first time I saw Scott I had been suffering from a bout of knee pain that wouldn’t go away, no matter how much stretching and foam rolling I did. After a thorough assessment Scott identified the specific area of weakness that was causing the problem and, through a combination of techniques, was able to completely rid me of pain in just a few weeks. He prescribed a series of exercises and stretches to address the underlying issues and prevent a reoccurrence.

Now, whenever I get a niggle, I go straight to Scott and he’s able to prevent that niggle from becoming an injury. His knowledge of anatomy and different treatment approaches is incredibly impressive and I have every confidence in his judgment and advice. Scott is an experienced and accomplished runner, so he can understand the runner’s mentality and the importance of getting back to running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hannah W


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Bike fit


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Cancellation Policy: 


The Run-Fast Sports Clinic have a minimum 24-hour notice policy for cancellations or to change an appointment. This means that patients who do not give at least 24 hours notice will be charged the full appointment fee.


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Please note that most insurance companies including Simply Health and Cigna do not pay for missed sessions. Any missed appointments are subject to the above cancellation policy.